Learning from the Past

Why IKO values the kava beverage

What it is: 
The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (UN FAO) reached out to all Pacific Islands kava growing regions to clearly define the kava beverage: 
“Kava products are derived from selected parts of the Noble cultivars of the kava plant, Piper methysticum G. Forst. in the Family Piperaceae. The parts of the kava plant used to produce kava products may include:
a) Peeled, fresh and/or dried rhizomes (Stump) basal stems (up to the first node on each kava branch); and 
b) Fresh and/or dried roots. Upper stems, leaves, peelings (bark), and extraction residues are excluded
2.1 Fresh Kava Products are prepared using peeled rhizomes, peeled basal stems and/or roots. 
2.2 Dried Kava Products may be in the form of intact lateral roots or peeled rhizomes, or peeled chips, or (all) in powdered form.”

How to make Kava

How to make it: 
The making of the beverage can be ritualistic or an everyday enjoyable chore. 



Begin by measuring the kava root powder. Place the measured kava powder into the strainer of choice. If utilizing a strainer cloth, create a customary "kava sack" by gathering the edges and securing them, ensuring no spillage occurs.


Mixing and Kneading

In a mixing bowl, introduce water of room temperature, paying homage to traditional ratios – typically, 4 parts water to 1 part kava. These ratios have been passed down through generations, striking a balance necessary for the perfect blend. Submerge the kava-filled strainer into the water, and for the next 10-15 minutes, knead and squeeze the kava, a crucial step in releasing kavalactones.


Straining and Serving

The kneading concludes once the water transforms, adopting the characteristic earthy tone known to the noble kava drink. The kava can now be enjoyed.

Kava in many Contexts

Kava is a multifaceted, multidimensional plant and beverage. Its value can be ritual and it can be simply a pleasant beverage at the end of a work day. 
There is something remarkable about properly prepared and properly consumed kava beverage. Some people describe it as magical, relaxing, and kava clearly has the power of enhancing social discourse.  There is a focus of attention and attention to detail with kava that can be truly extraordinary.
A good sleeping experience is guaranteed with properly prepared kava beverage but not necessarily a sedative but more a portal leading to excellent sleep.
Kava is purely a Pacific Islander invention and only exists because people liked it so much, they improved it by the science of selecting and preserving only the finest.
Kava is a canoe plant in the universal sense. It has traveled throughout the vast Pacific Islands shape-shifting as it goes from one region to another. By now, love and devotion of the beverage has traversed the entire world.