What is the IKO?

The International Kava Organization (IKO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the holistic advancement of kava.

Endorsed by a majority of leading scientists in the field and supported by the principal kava vendors and distributors, we serve as the authoritative voice on all matters related to this cherished plant. 

Our mission encompasses a range of outreach initiatives aimed at educating the public, promoting sustainable cultivation, and advancing scientific research. As a testament to our unwavering commitment, 100% of all donations are directly reinvested into programs that enrich the kava community and contribute to its sustainable future. 

International Kava Organization (IKO)

The pioneering authority for the kava industry.

Our Mission

The International Kava Organization (IKO) was founded by a dedicated group of individuals, each bringing their own unique expertise and passion for kava to the table. 

United by a common mission, we are deeply committed to safeguarding the future of this cherished plant. 

Our organization serves as a hub for kava enthusiasts, farmers, researchers, and industry stakeholders, providing a platform for collaboration, education, and advocacy. 

At the heart of IKO’s formation is an unwavering dedication to kava—a plant that has not only cultural and social significance but also untapped scientific potential. 

We believe that through collective action, rigorous research, and community engagement, we can ensure that kava is not only preserved but also thrives for generations to come.