Protecting the Worldwide Kava Industry


The International Kava Organization (IKO) is the pioneering authority and industry association for kava

Uniting tradition, science, and advocacy for the future of kava.

Kava (piper methysticum)

Grown sustainably on a family farm in the pacific Islands.

Our Vision

The International Kava Organization (IKO) envisions a world where:

Kava's Rich Cultural History is Celebrated

International Kava Organization highlights kava's integral role in Pacific Island societies, used traditionally in ceremonies and social functions. The aim is to preserve these cultural practices and promote understanding and respect for kava's origins amidst its growing global presence.

Kava's Diverse Benefits Are Universally Acknowledged​

IKO advocates for recognition of kava’s effects, supported by scientific research on its active compounds, kavalactones. IKO champions well-informed utilization, encouraging further study and acknowledgment of kava’s traditional uses and modern scientific findings.

Responsible kava consumption unites tradition and science

IKO embraces the integration of kava into modern lifestyles, ensuring its responsible enjoyment aligns with contemporary contexts. With traditional wisdom & scientific insights, we advocate for a kava experience that respects cultural heritage while adapting to modern social and wellness practices.

Our Mission

Preserving Kava's Heritage, Advocating Modern Regulation, and Ensuring Safety & Integrity through:

Who we work With

Several tables full of kava roots, in the final stages of drying, before being processed for distribution.

Distributors and Wholesalers


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Woman performing tests, using different methods that would be related to kava testing.

Researchers and Scientists

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Kava farmers gather to peel kava. This is a traditional practice among kava farmers in the South Pacific.

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Safeguard Kava's Heritage by supporting our mission to advocate modern government regulation and ensure kava safety & integrity through.

What we're working on:

Join the IKO

Safeguard Kava's Heritage by joining the IKO as a member.

IKO Membership Benefits:

The IKO would take the lead in developing universal quality and safety standards, crucial for maintaining consumer trust and ensuring the global market’s stability. By offering HACCP/GMP  certification guidance, we help reinforce the credibility of kava products.

Given the regulatory challenges and global trade dynamics, the IKO’s role in representing the industry’s interests before governments and international regulatory bodies cannot be overstated. This advocacy helps in navigating legal complexities, influencing policy to favor the industry, and ensuring that members are protected against unfair trade practices or restrictive regulations.

Investment in scientific research and development is crucial for unlocking the full potential of kava, understanding its benefits and innovating within the industry. The IKO will facilitate research collaborations, fund studies, and disseminate findings, helping to drive innovation, improve production methods, and potentially discover new applications of kava.

The global market is continually evolving, and consumer trends shift rapidly. The IKO will be proactive in marketing and promotional activities to expand the market for kava products. This effort will increase demand, enter new markets, and improve the overall perception of kava worldwide. It involves educating the public, attending international trade shows, and creating campaigns that highlight the cultural significance and benefits of kava.

Continuous education and professional training are essential for maintaining high industry standards and competitiveness. The IKO will provide resources, workshops, and training sessions on cultivation techniques, sustainable practices, business management, and more. This support ensures that all members, especially smaller producers or those in developing regions, have the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive.

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