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Meet the directors of the International Kava Organization

The International Kava Organization (IKO) stands as a testament to the global recognition and appreciation of kava, a traditional Pacific Island drink known for its calming effects. This non-profit entity, endorsed by top scientists in the field and supported by major kava vendors and distributors, embodies a commitment to the holistic advancement of kava. Its establishment marks a pivotal moment in the history of kava, symbolizing a collective effort to safeguard and promote this culturally significant plant.

Founded by a group of individuals united by their deep passion for kava, the IKO’s mission transcends mere commercial interests. It focuses on educating the public about the benefits and proper use of kava, promoting sustainable cultivation practices, and advancing scientific research to understand its full potential. This educational aspect is crucial, as it helps dispel myths and misinformation about kava, ensuring that enthusiasts and new users alike understand its proper usage and benefits.

The organization’s commitment to sustainable cultivation is particularly noteworthy. Kava farming, primarily in the Pacific Islands, faces challenges such as climate change, soil erosion, and the need for agricultural diversification. By promoting sustainable practices, the IKO not only ensures the long-term availability of high-quality kava but also supports the livelihoods of farmers and their communities, preserving an integral part of their cultural heritage.

Moreover, the IKO’s dedication to scientific research plays a significant role in understanding kava’s effects, safety profile, and potential medicinal benefits. Collaborations with scientists and researchers help demystify kava, providing evidence-based information that guides both consumers and the medical community.

Among the directors of the IKO is Jimmy Price, whose personal journey with kava began two decades ago as a natural solution to anxiety and sleep issues post opioid addiction recovery. As a well-known figure in online kava communities, Jimmy has spent over ten years creating content, moderating discussions, and contributing significantly to the global conversation on kava. His story is one of resilience and healing, illustrating kava’s potential in supporting mental health and recovery journeys.

Another key figure in the IKO is Fabio Cruz. Originally from Brazil and having relocated to the U.S. as a child, Fabio turned to kava while grappling with anxiety. His experience led him to the kava community, where he has become an influential voice. As an administrator on Kava Forums, he plays a critical role in guiding the industry and uniting enthusiasts, embodying the spirit of community and support that is central to the kava culture.

Douglas LaRose, known as the Kavasseur, also stands out in the organization. His relationship with kava, spanning two decades, began in a health food store while seeking relief from anxiety. Douglas’s background in humanitarian aid and international development brings a unique perspective to the IKO, particularly in his appreciation for the cultural and traditional aspects of kava in Pacific Island communities. His insights contribute to a deeper understanding of kava’s cultural significance and its role in these communities.

The stories of these directors, showcased in an insightful video, transcend the boundaries of the kava plant itself. They represent narratives of overcoming personal challenges, building supportive communities, and envisioning a sustainable and respectful future for the kava industry. Their contributions are not just to the world of kava but also to broader discussions about mental health, cultural preservation, and community building.

This video offers viewers a chance to delve into the personal motivations, experiences, and visions of these directors. It’s an invitation to understand the depth and diversity of the kava community, highlighting how individual stories weave into the larger tapestry of this ancient tradition. As we explore their contributions, we gain insights into the exciting future they envision for kava enthusiasts worldwide, one that respects tradition, embraces innovation, and fosters a global community united by a shared love for this unique plant.

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